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Whether you are protecting your organization’s assets, ensuring safety in the workplace or monitoring safes or cash registers, American Services and Protection has the right equipment to suit your security needs, from state-of-the-art stand-alone cameras that focus on specific vulnerable areas at your site to multi-camera and weather-proof systems that protect both your building’s interior and exterior, we can provide your organization with business security cameras and equipment that ensures safety in the workplace while protecting your assets.

American Services and Protection carries a full line of digital video recorder surveillance systems and high-quality products at competitive prices. From low-cost single or 4-camera CCTV DVR systems to high-speed 16- or-32 channel camera systems, our line of CCTV cameras and DVR’s offers exceptional specifications, performance and quality at substantial savings over other similar companies and is ready to be installed at your site by our professional installation department.

No matter your budget’s size, we will analyze your needs and present you with a security strategy and corresponding equipment that will protect you and your employees; deter, cut down on or eliminate theft, vandalism and property damage while keeping your costs under control.